An ear wax removal doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of all that cerumen. In fact, it’s normal for your ears to produce wax. The substance helps protect your hearing organ from damages, infections, bacteria and what not!

That said, when must you undergo ear wax removal and what would be the cost to get your ears cleaned? Well, you need to do the procedure if you already have excessive wax inside your ears. You can do so through home remedies or professional cleaning.

If you’re choosing the latter, how much does ear wax removal cost?

Average Ear Cleaning Rate

According to the Health Care Bluebook, the average ear cleaning rate is $119. This means that the said amount is what you should reasonably expect for a type of medical service. The amount was calculated from actual health plan prices.

The price range to get ear wax removed, on the other hand, runs from $50 to $200 in different health centers. The exact earwax extraction cost will depend on the method being used for earwax removal, the expertise of your doctor and criticality of your condition.

The expense of removing wax from the ear will also depend on whether you are on an insurance or not. If you’re backed by insurance, you would have to pay for copays and deductibles. For instance, office visits will cost you between $5 and $75.

Ear Wax Removal Cost

$50 to $200

Doctors have different ways to deal with your ear wax. Some of the methods include:

  • Using pressurized water to remove the wax
  • Inserting of a tiny plastic loop in the ear
  • Using light suction (vacuum removal) to get rid of the excess wax

Without the insurance, an appointment for ear wax removal will cost $50 to $200. Lastly, over-the-counter products range anywhere from $5 to $30.

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Sample Ear Wax Extraction Prices in Clinics

How much does ear wax removal cost? The exact answer, aside from your condition and insurance, will depend on the clinic you choose.

For instance, Minute Clinic charges $89 to $99 for the procedure. You should pay the said cost if you have no insurance. The clinic accepts out-of-pocket payments like cash, checks, and credit cards.

In some cases, the charges may far exceed the given price range. That is if you require more than one service for your condition. If your problem is worse than just ear wax buildup, you might have to pay more for additional tests.

The majority of the clinics will remind you to contact your insurance company first (if you have one). Before you visit, check if the service you want is covered by them. Such assistance will decrease the amount you have to pay.

You can also look for professionals by searching online. For instance, MD Save offers a list of physicians stationed in different parts of the US. The website has contact details of doctors charging around $76 to $137 for ear wax removal. Here are average professional costs for removing ear wax, by state:

  • Florida: $126
  • Indiana: $76
  • Mississippi: $120
  • Oklahoma: $99
  • Pennsylvania: $127
  • Tennessee: $121

Sample Costs For Ear Cleaning Over-the-Counter Products

Ear wax removal kits are widely available in the market, both physical and online. Here are sample prices of earwax kits from Walgreens:

  • Ototek Loop Ear Wax Removal Tool: $6.29
  • Acu-Life Ear Wax Removal Syringe: $5.29
  • NeilMed ClearCanal Ear Wax Removal Kit: $17.99
  • Mack’s Pro Rinse Ear Wax Removal Kit: $8.99
  • Walgreens Ear Wax Kit: $15.49

Walgreens warns that you should use systems and kits with caution, lest the tools will puncture your ear drum. The products are designed by manufacturers to fit into your ear’s opening. Inserting them deeper into the canal, hence, will cause damage.

Most people will opt for over-the-counter kits to get rid of their ear wax. If the buildup is a recurring problem, though, you should quit with the DIY cleaning and instead consult your physician.

Saving Money While Getting Your Ears Cleaned

Is there any alternative if you want to remove your ear wax but you don’t want to spend much? Of course, there is! You can opt for DIY remedies. This kind of home treatment is cost-effective as you’ll only be needing household items.

Some of the popular home remedies for ear wax buildup includes:

  • Saltwater
  • A saline solution can soften accumulated wax in your ear. Just make sure that the salt is completely dissolved before you put a few drops into the canal.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • The bubbles produced by this substance will make it easier to break apart wax buildup. Be careful not to exceed 3% of hydrogen peroxide when mixing it with water.
  • Vinegar and rubbing alcohol
  • The combination will make it easier to soften the ear wax and help in the faster evaporation of liquid inside the ear.
  • Warm water

All of the above remedies were proven to solve simple ear wax problems. At a low cost (or nothing at all), you can avoid blockage of your canal.

Of course, know that you should be accurate with your DIY treatment. Else, you will cause further damage, and the cost of removing wax from the ear will increase.

If you don’t know what you are doing, just don’t do it. Else it could turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life.

Tips on Ear Wax Removal

Taking care of your ears is paramount to maintain good hearing. One step is to remove excessive ear wax to avoid blockage. Well, how do you do it?

If you prefer removing the ear wax yourself, do not go looking for it. Doctors advise that you should only clean out the wax once it emerges on its own. Digging for it, especially if you are using pointed tools or cotton swabs, will push the cerumen deeper into the canal.

You can also opt to visit your doctor every 6 to 12 months for a check-up and routine cleaning.

Proper hygiene will only be effective if you do it the right way. Hence, if you can’t remove the ear wax yourself, it will be best to seek professional help. After all, a cost of $100 for earwax extraction is nothing compared to the comfort you’ll feel after getting rid of the annoying wax.

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