How Much Does Anesthesia Cost?

If you are having surgical treatment or another medical procedure that produces extreme pain or uneasiness, your physician will probably be providing you with a drug called an Anesthetic. Anesthesia is used to manage severe pain throughout surgery.  This medication will help control your … Read more

How Much Does a Torn Meniscus Surgery Cost?

A meniscus tear is a common knee injury. Older people tend to experience it as the said “cushions” are worn out through time. Causes of torn menisci also include twisting and turning, lifting something heavy, or playing sports. The so-called “rubber cushions” help keep … Read more

How Much Does Hysterectomy Cost?

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing a part of or the whole uterus. Some opt for it to treat excessive bleeding, others due to cancer, and a fraction aiming to stop their child-bearing capabilities. Regardless of the reason, an expert usually recommends … Read more

How Much Does a Circumcision Cost?

Most males in the US have undergone circumcision at infancy. The procedure is not required by physicians, though, so some may grow up uncircumcised. That said, adult circumcision is available for grown-ups who want a change. Some may also opt for the surgery for … Read more

How Much Does a Shoulder Replacement Surgery Cost?

When you are experiencing extreme shoulder pain that interrupts your daily activities, it may be high time to have your physician look into your shoulders as you may already be in need of a shoulder repair surgery. Of course, the shoulder replacement surgery may … Read more

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

Getting pregnant is good news to most; but not to some. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 49% of pregnancies in the United States are unintended. Out of these unintended pregnancies, a number of them would want to go through … Read more

How Much Does a Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost?

The cochlear implant refers to a surgical procedure of embedding an electric device in the ear to improve the hearing capabilities of a patient. The device stimulates the cochlear nerves and helps the brain to identify sounds. The electric device is divided into two … Read more

How Much Does a NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair loss is a popular yet sad aging story among men and women of this world.  Even after hair re-growth treatments, most men and women lose a part of their hair’s volume and density. Different brands of shampoo and conditioners worldwide have promised to … Read more

How Much Does a Tonsillectomy Cost?

In the United States, one in every 15 adults suffers from sleep apnea. At the onset, sleep apnea seems like a trivial inconvenience. However, any health professional knows that it contributes to severe physical stress and anxiety. Among the damaging effects of sleep apnea … Read more

How Much Does a Labiaplasty Surgery Cost?

Whether it’s for boosting the morale and self-confidence or wanting to get rid of the pain, itching, and irritation, more and more women are eager to undergo one of the fastest growing plastic surgery – labiaplasty.  In fact, according to the statistics collected by … Read more