ear surgery to get elf ears

When parents would move heaven and earth to have their children get rid of congenital “elf ears” to save them from bullying in the future, there are those who would actually move theirs to have them. Yes, we are talking about you, Lord of the Rings fans!

Some may find it weird and unnerving that there is such a market for this type of surgery. Or probably we thought the demand for this type of appearance does really exist, but we are just not expecting such would be mainstream. But as they say, to each his own. And if some people are willing to do anything for the sake of fanaticism, some actual fanatics take the word to a whole new level and alter their appearance to show how they are crazy about what they love.

Call it self-expression, weirdness, or even madness, as long as you are happy and you are not in any way affecting people in a negative way, then who are we to judge. If it makes you happy, then do it.

With the controversy surrounding this procedure, you would wonder how much does elf ear surgery cost.

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Average Cost of Elf Ear Surgery

This type of procedure is mostly performed by body modification artists, piercers, and even tattoo artists as some doctors are not generally convinced the procedure is acceptable for some reasons.

But there are also those doctors who are willing to perform the procedure and even believe that this ear surgery may enhance listening to music. One particular example is the Hungarian doctor practicing in New York, Dr. Lajos Nagy who purportedly invented the surgery.

Due to the controversy and because it is not wholly accepted in the medical field due to the risk involved and ethical concerns, finding a surgeon to do the procedure might be a real challenge.

As a point of reference, an otoplasty, which is the surgical procedure to correct external ear deformities, has an average of $4,200 with the cost ranging between $650 and $7500 and considering all locations worldwide according to RealSelf.com. On the other hand, Westlake Dermatology in Austin, Texas charges otoplasty at $4,200.

The price varies per location, whether done by a doctor or by a tattoo and piercing artist, among others. Expect to pay around $600 to $1,000 for elf ear surgery price when done by someone who is not a licensed doctor or surgeon.

And mind you, there are not a lot of body modification artists who do this type of procedure. One of the only few is Steve Haworth who is generally considered to have invented it, at least outside the medical circle.

Why such a wide discrepancy you ask? Not only would the professional fee vary between the certified doctors and the body modification artists. The latter, since not actual doctors themselves, cannot or are not allowed to use anesthetics in the procedure and cannot prescribe any medications when problems arise such as infections and of course, failed procedures. So if you are not ready for the risks, go and find a real surgeon.

What are Included

The cost of elf ear modification if done by a certified doctor or surgeon would include the following:

  • Surgeon fees
  • Material costs
  • Operating machinery
  • Facility or operating room costs
  • Anesthesia related costs
  • Any included medications or post-surgical devices
  • Follow up appointments

The surgery would take a few hours to complete and is done by cutting and reshaping the cartilage at the top part of the ear, even removing some part of it or a small wedge to achieve the desired shape and sew the cut together again and creating a point in the process. If a doctor or surgeon is doing the operation, you would be given anesthesia. Otherwise, you would have to endure the pain.

Depending on the patient’s preferences, the point can be prominent or obvious, or just subtle. But the bottom line is, once you have decided to do the procedure and it was performed, there is no turning back. This is because unlike some cosmetic enhancements and implants, elf ears are irreversible. This is apart from being at risk of dangerous ear deformity. So getting you to sign a waiver prior to the procedure is not a far-fetched idea.

The bandages usually come off in a week while the stitches usually out within two weeks to a month, after which, your new ear is ready for the world to see.

But mind you, you have to be at least 18 years old to undergo this procedure. Otherwise, get a parental consent.

Additional Costs

Before any procedure can be performed by a doctor or a surgeon, an initial consultation should be is a prerequisite. Here, you could ask everything about the procedure and your doctor can discuss the pros and cons so you could be aware and decide to push through or not. This initial consultation typically costs around $250 to $500 on top of the cost of elf ear modification if it pushes through, although some doctor may waive this fee.

If you are turning to body modification artists for the procedure and naturally, anesthesia cannot be administered, taking a pain reliever prior to the procedure and even after can be done to somehow make the pain bearable and some can even accelerate the healing process and shorten recovery time.

You would also need some cleaning solution to help you disinfect the surgical wound and help prevent infection.

Shopping for Elf Ear Surgery

When seriously considering ear surgery, you may check out the BeautifulSelf.com.

If you feel confident about body modification artists doing the procedure, then, by all means, you can contact Luna Cobra to set an appointment. Although we’ve heard it is based in Australia, its page indicates that it travels the world so go ahead and contact it for travel schedules.

Factors Affecting Elf Ear Surgery Cost

Location – the rarer the surgery is performed in a particular area is, the more expensive the cost would be. That is aside from the cost of doing business being a factor.

Who performs the surgery – the choice between having a body modification artist or piercer and a doctor performing the procedure could spell a huge difference in the elf ear surgery price. But it does not guaranty a completely no-risk surgery if done by a doctor. It is just that, the risk of infection is minimized as you can assure that a doctor would only use spotlessly clean and hygienic surgical tools and can prescribe medications to properly handle the aftercare. Plus the doctor can give you anesthesia for a no-pain procedure.

Facility  if you opted for a real doctor, the procedure comes with the facility fee for using a clinic or operating room which also translates to the assurance of safety and hygienic site of the surgery, among other costs that come with most surgical procedures.

The complexity of the procedure – it is not impossible to encounter ears which are more difficult to deal with come surgery time than others due to the natural shape, among other cases, so expect to pay higher the more complicated your ear shapes are.

Additional Information

The debate regarding this procedure seems endless, with other doctors claiming being uncomfortable just thinking about agreeing to do it. While others think they are hypocritical considering they do body enhancement all the time like breast augmentation, nose lift, tummy tuck, among others.

What makes elf ear surgery any different? Doctors’ explanation is simple. They do surgeries and enhancements to make a person a better version of his or her self, not to look like some mythical creatures.

It seems we are not anywhere near hearing the end of this.

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