How Much Does Hip Piercing Cost

“Your body is an empty canvas, so, decorate.” But just how far would you go in terms of beauty, fashion or even making a statement?

A hip piercing is a surface piercing around the pelvic area near the hip bone. It is one of the boldest forms of body modifications, aside from tattoos, because the person is subjected to perforation of the skin, therefore, causing pain. It is more in demand to young women who love to wear cropped tops and beach wear.

Hip piercings are trendy because they are easily concealable. It is important to note that most of the surface piercings are very unsuccessful and heal out, so a repeat job is possible if you really want it.

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Average Cost of Hip Piercing

The average hips pierced price ranges from $40-$100 for a single surface piercing. Body jewelry typically costs $15-$50 per piece. Price depends on design, the kind of metal and the gems and stones that compose the jewelry. Additional expense for aftercare products for hip piercings is likely to include cleansing solutions. Also, a  5%-15% tip for the piercer is considered standard.


Multiple piercings in the same area are generally discounted. Say, for example, some shop’s averagefor a single surface piercing is $70 and $115 for two.

Some studios offer birthday discounts which can include a free piercing, while the customer pays for the jewelry only.

Expect much lower prices in areas where there is more competition.

Types of Hip Piercing

  • Surface Hip Piercing

This method is a double-ended piercing created by pushing a hollow needle followed by a surface bar that typically goes through a pinched up portion of flesh with no natural entry or exit points. It is a traditional way of piercing that is also being done in other parts of the body such as the ears and the nose. A surface piercing is done by creating a hollow tunnel underneath the skin surface for the body embellishment to go through. Surface hip piercing usually uses surface barbells. Therefore, ring types are not suitable.

Surface piercing barbell or just surface bar is a straight barbell with internally-threaded posts on either end that are angled up to 90⁰.

  • Microdermal Hip Piercing

Microdermal piercing is a single point piercing. A dermal anchor is inserted underneath the skin, through the incision. This technique makes the jewelry more secure thus lowering rejection rates.

Remember that the anchor in microdermal piercing is permanent. Never attempt to remove it without the help of your piercer or a medical professional.

This method has two variations, namely, the use of needle and the use of Dermal Punch.

When using the needle method, the piercer cleans the area with a surgical scrub, after which he would puncture the skin following an “L” shape, creating a pouch on the skin for the jewelry to stay in place.

Dermal Punch is the best procedure to take because it is less painful and faster to do. It works by removing some skin tissues for the jewelry to get into thereby minimizing the risks of jewelry getting into deep layers of the skin.

Although these two piercing methods are different, there is no significant difference in the average hips pierced price.

Hip Piercing Aftercare

Before touching the pierced area, make sure that your hands are clean. Otherwise, you increase its chances of being infected.

Piercing aftercare involves misting the piercing with quality saline rinse 3-6 times a day and soaking it for 5 minutes twice a day with sea salt solution during the healing process. Sometimes antiseptic swabs may also be needed once or twice a day for problematic piercings.

When taking a bath or showering, use an antibacterial soap for rinsing the pierced area. Allow the water coming from the shower to run onto the piercing, moistening it and use clean, disposable towels only in drying it. Avoid using a loofah or wash cloth when taking a bath as they contain bacteria. Avoid applying lotions, moisturizers, body sprays and makeup on the pierced hips. Wear loose-fitting clothes to prevent the jewelry from getting stuck.

Swimming is a big no-no. Do not play with the jewelry on the skin. Do not ever think that the metal would ever cling to skin that you have to move it every now and then. It will never happen.

Lastly, eat nutritious food and get enough sleep as the body heals faster when getting nutrients and plenty of sleep.

No matter how much does hip piercing cost, whatever you spend for it in totality will depend on how you take care of it to avoid complications.

Embellishment Used

Surface barbells or simply surface bar made of titanium or surgical steel are recommended for surface hip piercings. High quality long plastic surface bars can also be used to minimize the pressure on the pierced hips, reducing the risk of rejection. Surface bars cost from $4.99 up to $19.99. For microdermal hip piercing, anchor gems are to be used. Price ranges from $10 up to $50.

You can find a variety of designs to choose from at Etsy.

Where to Find?

Listed below are some of the piercing shops in the states:

•    Ancient Arts Body Piercing and Adornment

•    Chameleon Tattoo & Body Piercing

•    Piercology

•    The Piercing Shop

•    The Studio City Tattoo

To locate more piercing shops near your place, please visit Body Piercing Central.

Tips For Doing It Right

When scouting for a reputable shop for your hip piercing, try to stop by a couple tattoo/piercing parlors and ask them how much it cost, what kind of jewelry they use, how they do it, etc. Interview them, so you know if they are a legit place.

You can also check their backgrounds through customer testimonies or word of mouth. Also, check on the internet to ensure that they are trained professionals and are capable of doing the job and they use the proper and safe tools.

Also be sure that they can give advice on what product to use, be it on the type of jewelry or if they can provide aftercare instructions.

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