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Isn’t it that when we want to relax, we listen to music or go somewhere else where we could hear the sound of nature like the chirping of birds, the sound of leaves being blown by the wind, or the sound of the sea tides rushing to the shore.

These sounds can be so gentle that only those with perfect hearing can enjoy. So, would you want to forgo these simple pleasures in life and continue to suffer because you avoid paying the high cost of hearing aids?

One of the more known causes of hearing loss is the loud exposure to sounds. Yes, none other than your Beats by Dre’s!

Some other causes can be head trauma, viruses and diseases, genetics, and old age.

And the fact that hearing loss is being linked to depression and dementia makes it all the more reason for you to seek help as soon as possible.

Are you convinced already? Fine! Now, let us discuss how much does Miracle-ear cost?

Average Cost of Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids

The average Miracle-Ear hearing aids cost ranges around $3,000 to $7,000 depending on the model and branch where you bought the device as there were reports from consumers having bought the same model but ending up paying different amounts.

Reported cost of some of the Miracle-Ear hearing aid models we gathered from different forums are the following:

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Other brands can range from a little less than $1,000 up to about $4,000, with an average cost of about $2,700 across all brands. 

If you are not too picky, there are some used Miracle-Ear Hearing aids sold over the Internet. These ranges from $200 up to $3,500 on eBay depending on condition and how long they have been used as some still are new and under warranty.

 What are Included?

Most people with hearing issues refuse to seek help because of the high cost of hearing aids. And Miracle-Ear is known to have one of the highest prices in the industry. So if you have decided to get one for yourself or a loved one, be sure to know what comes with the huge price.

According to their website, the Miracle-Ear hearing aids costs include before and after sales services. These cover hearing tests or assessments, fittings, check-ups, and aftercare of the device that include annual hearing evaluation once purchased. They claim to have serviced up to 25 visits within five years from purchasing the device free of charge.

Other services usually include follow-up adjustments, a warranty that covers repairs and one-time replacement if the hearing aid malfunctions and the routine cleaning of the device to be able to achieve its optimum performance. If the model you bought is battery-operated, a battery is usually included so you can use the device right away.

They also cover a three-year limited warranty that you would get the complete details of on their various stores and branches. A three-year loss and damage protection and no co-pays for the entire life of the device are also included in the purchase of a Miracle-Ear hearing aid.

Additional Costs

Although a lot is included in the Miracle-Ear prices, you still need to spend on some other costs not covered by your purchase. Hearing tests are usually free with the device purchase and depending on the place you visited.

Usually, your hearing issue would have to be evaluated by Ear doctors or audiologist. If you have to pay for them, they would usually cost you around $250 if you do not have insurance and the price depends on the facility or the practitioner.

Other costs would have to include battery replacements and accessories.

Shopping For Miracle Ear

If you decide on getting a Miracle-Ear hearing aid either for yourself or a loved one, please check out their website so you would have an idea of more or less what to choose among their product lines. Doing so guarantees that you would be getting your own choice as some feedbacks among those who have already bought that sometimes, sales persons at the store tend to oversell and might convince you to buy something that you might not need or more than what is actually needed.

To know any of their stores near you, check out this locator. For used Miracle-Ear hearing aids, you may check out eBay as they offer fixed priced and through bidding schemes.

Factors Affecting KinderCare Cost

The main factors that affect the Miracle-Ear prices are the model, the branch where you intend to purchase your hearing aid, your insurance coverage, and if you are buying a brand new or used hearing aid.

The model of the hearing aid determines the level of technology and functionalities. That is why some models are more expensive than others. Typically, the more expensive these devices are, the more they are supposed to be cost effective in the long run as compared to the cheaper varieties.

Also, based on research among different sites and forums, consumers from different locations were able to purchase the same models at various prices. We, therefore, presume that there is no uniform pricing for the products of the Miracle-Ear franchise and the management of these franchises can decide whatever price tag they choose to put on their products. No wonder, even on the Miracle-Ear website, you will never see a price list. So if it would be feasible for you to go to different stores to canvass, the better.

Insurance companies usually do not cover hearing aids and are limited to the hearing assessment and hearing aid evaluation most of the time. If you are lucky enough, there could be some that would actually partially or fully cover the cost of the hearing aid. So be sure to talk to your insurance provider or your company’s point person regarding insurance affairs.

Additional Information

Miracle-Ear boasts of some of the most advanced technology to help you hear as clearly as possible. These include:

  • GENIUSControl app that is said to adjust the sound depending on which you prefer to hear
  • Speech Isolation that works like a sound offset cancellation that reduces the unwanted background sounds
  • Music Master that enriches the clarity of music and its quality for easily listening pleasure and for performing.
  • Phone Surround that aids in the clear communication and transmission of sounds in both hearing aids when talking to someone over the phone
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless listening to music, TV, phones, among others

Other Miracle-Ear hearing aid models include the following:

  • GENIUS 2.0 RIC
  • GENIUS 2.0 mini RIC
  • GENIUS 2.0 Mirage IIC
  • GENIUS 2.0 CIC
  • GENIUS 2.0 ITC
  • ME2275 BTE
  • ME2275 CIC
  • ME2275 ITC
  • GENIUS 2.0 ITE

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