average cost for removing moles

In some parts of the world, the mole is not just an ordinary anatomical anomaly (as some may consider it), but more of a sign that tells you about your personality or character. Some may even consider it a tell-tale sign of what your future holds. Crazy, isn’t it?

But perhaps, part of them may be true. If you have a cancerous mole, then your future may really be doomed if you do not pay attention to it close enough and do not have it checked as early as possible. Or better yet, have it removed as early as now.

Another reason for considering having your mole removed is when it is causing discomfort, as in the case of large, protruding moles. It may also be to improve looks as moles can sometimes look like a peppercorn or a fly on your face from afar.

How much does it cost to remove a mole? There are several ways to do it and your choice would spell your overall expenditures.

Average Cost of Mole Removal

The average mole removal price for the simple removal of noncancerous types in a clinic ranges between $125 and $375. But the cost could go as high as up to $1,500 for different reasons like the type of clinic or hospital where the mole removal is to be performed, the type of method used, among others.

What are Included

Mole removal, when done through accredited surgical facility typically includes the cost of the procedure itself and the local anesthesia administered. The actual surgery lasts about 30 minutes and done as an outpatient.

Patients are given instruction on how to take care of the wound and as well as some treatments to minimize scarring.

The recovery period is expected to be between one and two weeks. Within this period, expect scabbing in the area where the mole was removed. A follow-up check up is required around that time frame to make sure that healing of the spot is achieved.

Additional Costs

Before you even consider mole removal, a visit to your dermatologist is a must. This is to diagnose whether your mole is cancerous or benign. After which, you can decide on how to go about its removal based on the recommendation of your doctor. This typically costs around $100 to $200.

Some of the well-known and accredited facilities would include the aftercare in the mole removal cost as a package. But if you have gone to a different facility, the cost of the follow-up check up would be around the same figures as when visiting your dermatologist for the mole assessment.

Aftercare treatment of the wound would include the following:

  • Applying a layer of petroleum jelly and bandage on the surgical wound. The petroleum jelly costs around $5.70 for the 175oz of the Vaseline brand.
  • You have to clean the wound once or twice daily with water. You may also use diluted hydrogen peroxide for extra sanitation. Hydrogen peroxide costs around $5.47 for the 8oz Trigger Sprayer.

Shopping for Mole Removal

If you have already made up your mind or in dire need to get your mole removed, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery or ASDS offers locator for specialty doctors as well as various procedures for your convenience.

For your home removal need, you can check out BestMoleRemovalCreams.com or you can check out Amazon for some of the available mole removal creams that can also work in some skin problems like warts and skin tags.

Factors Affecting Mole Removal Cost

The average mole removal price can be pretty straightforward for a simple, uncomplicated procedure. But there can be a lot of factors that contribute to the overall cost of the surgery. Some of these include:

  • Location – the state where the surgery will be performed vary as some places have more expensive health care than others, apart from the difference in cost of doing business and cost of living.
  • Insurance – the reason for your mole removal would dictate whether your insurance policy would cover the procedure or not. If your mole is non-cancerous, then you can almost say goodbye to getting an aid from your insurance as they would likely treat is as aesthetics which is generally not covered. This is the very reason why dermatologist assessment of the mole is critical as the recommendation of the doctor for a surgery would likely be communicated to your insurance company for the proper assessment of the coverage.
  • The size of the mole – the bigger the mole, the more complicated the procedure becomes because of the extra effort by the surgeon, not to mention the aftercare.
  • The surgeon – the doctor’s fee play a major part in the cost of the procedure. The more experience and the more extensive his or her expertise is, the higher fee would be added to your cost.
  • The method – some techniques or methods may be applicable to some type of moles. To some, the laser or shaving may be enough while others would require scalpel removal.

Alternative to Surgical Mole Removal

Due to financial constraints, the question, “how much does it cost to remove a mole?” may seem like a very big dilemma to some people. That is why they avoid heading the path of operation and opted to try the do-it-yourself mole removal.

These at home removal cream works by applying it to the mole regularly over some period until the mole surface evens out and the color gradually lighten. These creams typically cost around $32.95 to less than $100.

But doctors warn the public against the use of home removal creams especially if the mole is in the face area as the skin of the face is so sensitive that the use of some products without proper testing can have adverse reaction and effect on the skin, creating more problem than a solution.

If you are tight on the budget but needs or wants to get your mole removed, you can talk to your doctor or surgeon for a possible deferred payment plan in case you do not have insurance or they would not cover the procedure. But mind you, your doctor to agreeing to extend you that payment option would depend on how good your credit rating is.

Regardless whether you decide to do it to look good, to keep healthy or to follow what the Feng Shui expert tells you, it is always wise to keep your cost low.

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