How Much Does an Ultrasound Machine Cost?

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An ultrasound or sonography has become the most valuable diagnostic imaging technique used in the field of medicine. The ultrasound machine utilizes sound waves to diagnose the body’s tissues and shows the result through an image. The ultrasound is used to scan the internal organs without performing any incisions.

In comparison to other imaging procedures like x-rays, ultrasound uses non-ionizing radiation which is harmless to the body. The application of the ultrasound is a non-evasive procedure and relatively safe. It is also the safest way to monitor the development of the fetus during the pregnancy.

Regardless of the sonography machines prices, the machines are necessary investment especially in the field of medicine. The more accurate the reading, the better diagnostic result a medical professional can give to the patient. It can save lives, unnecessary medical expenses, time and safeguard the patient’s health furthermore.

Ultrasound Machine Average Cost

As the technology advances, the ultrasound machines are becoming more compact and smaller in size. Most of the machines available at the market have portability in the forms of cart, handheld or laptop. The portability can save a lot of space and easy to maneuver around the premises. There are three options for acquiring an ultrasound machine which depends on the budget.

Brand New

The first one is to buy a brand new machine directly from the manufacturer or a supplier. The cart-based portable ultrasound machine cost is around $3,499 to $98,000 or more depending on the functionality, application, and brand. Meanwhile, the portable handheld or laptop ultrasound machines prices are about $4,499 to $25,000.

Pre-owned or Refurbished

The second option is to buy pre-owned or a refurbished unit. The pre-owned portable ultrasound machine cost is about $2,999 to $19,999 or more. For refurbished units that are returned and repaired by the manufacturer, the ultrasound machines prices dropped at $3,199 up to $40,000.

The pre-owned or refurbished sonography machine price depends on the available stock, lifespan, unit’s condition, and brand.


The third option is through leasing or credit. According to the Trust Capital USA, leasing is available for brand new or existing business. Business owners having a good credit line and credibility can yield lower monthly payments.

Based on a $50,000 capital and $1 buy-out, the machine can be leased for $2,200 to $2,700 per month for two years or $1,200 to $1,550 per month for four years.

Financing options are also available for buying a brand new or pre-owned machine. The brand new machines can be rented at $500 per month or paid to own at $88 to $100 per month for years depending on the shop.

Meanwhile, pre-owned or refurbished machine is payable to own at $82 up to $552 per month. The monthly payment for brand new is cheaper because of the manufacturer’s warranty and spare parts available.


The basic inclusions of buying an ultrasound machine are delivery, installation, warranty, initial supplies, training, printer, probe, and transducer. The machines should have 100% guarantees with manufacturer’s certification and FDA approval.

The delivery and installation entirely depend on the shop. But some of the shops include the cost in the machine’s price.

The warranty covers free software upgrade and repair or replacement of any defective parts for at least 3 to 5 years depending on the manufacturer. The unit includes basic supplies like gels, accessories, and other miscellaneous. Some of the manufacturers provide free training to teach the customer the proper usage and how to operate the machines.

Other Costs to Consider

  • Delivery and Installation

There are online supply shops that provide free delivery and installation depending on the distance and overall cost. But if not, prepare to spend some extra cash for the delivery and labor to install or set-up the unit.

  • Maintenance

As a protection for your investment, it is necessary to conduct annual maintenance of the machines. It is to make sure that the machine is optimized and to prolong its lifespan. In certain conditions, warranties can cover the cost of maintenance for the machines but only under certified service centers of the manufacturers.

  • Spare Parts

Make sure to buy a model and brand of ultrasound that has sufficient spare parts available in the market. Certain models of ultrasound have declining supply and spare parts that can increase the overall cost of repair or maintenance.

It is necessary to check the availability of spare parts specifically if you intend to buy outdated machines. There is a possibility that spare parts might not be available anymore on such old models.

  • Training

Some of the manufacturers provide free training for new customers. It is to teach new customers how to operate and to utilize all the functionalities of the machines properly. But in case the manufacturers do not provide any training, it depends on the customer to apply for training or not.

  • Accessories

There are types of the probes and transducers depending on the application. If you require various probes depending on your medical specialty, you might need to invest in buying additional probes.

There are different brands and compatibility which can affect the cost. Also, expect to spend some extra cash for accessories like printers if not included in the basic package.

  • Operating Cost

The cost to operate an ultrasound covers the recurring fees involved. The recurring costs such as utilities and restocking of supplies can build up significantly depending on the frequency and usage of the machines. The gels used during the ultrasound can cost around $15.99 per bottle.

Buying Tips

You can buy directly from the manufacturers and consult their sales representative in regards to any financing options available to afford the machines. There are online supply shops that sell the machines at a lower cost but still have certification, warranty, and FDA approval. sells ultrasound machines with different brands at a lower price. As a comparison, the Acuson X300 unit has a retail price of $35,000 while the shop sells it at $30,000 only. The shop also sells pre-owned units that have up to 60% off from the retail cost.

There is also an option for rental which costs at $500 per month. The shop sells the machines at $9,000 up to $98,000 for cart based consoles while the handhelds at the price of $4,900 to $19,900.

Another shop that sells ultrasound machines with certification and FDA approval is the Providian Medical. They sell various brands of the machine with prices ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 or more. also sells the machines at $3,499 to $29,999 for brand new and $2,999 to $13,999 for pre-owned.

Meanwhile, Keebo Med sells ultrasound machines and accessories. The machines are available at $2,999 to $19,999 for pre-owned and $3,199 to $39,999 for brand new depending on the brand.

Also, financing option is available at which the machines are payable at $82 to $96 for brand new or $82 to $552 per month for pre-owned. Accessories such as probes and transducers have a price range of $499 to $3,500.

Ultrasound Machine Cost Factors

  • Functionality and Application

The major factor that affects the cost of ultrasound machines is the functionality and application. Machines with multiple functions and applicable for every medical field are the most expensive.

Therefore, as a smart investment, buy a machine with functionalities you only need. As a comparison, between GE Logiq P9 and GE Logiq F8, the GE Logiq P9 has more functions and applications. But the cost of the P9 is around $42,000 while the F8 is only around $29,000.

  • Brand

The brand of the ultrasounds can also affect the cost. A popular brand of the machines is expensive but with tested quality and warranty coverage. Therefore, it just depends on the product review, quality, and your trust in the brand. Here are some examples of price range per brand listed on the

Cart-Based Console
Acuson$5,850 to $35,000
GE$25,000 to $98,000
Medison$15,000 to $24,000
Philips$20,000 to $45,000
Acuson$4,900 to $6,500
GE Vscan$5,900 to $12,000
Sonosite$6,000 to $19,900

Note: The price may vary over time or change depending on the supplier.

  • Black and White or Colored

As the technology advances, colored ultrasounds have become available but more expensive in comparison to the usual black and white. The colored images also provide accurate reading since it can depict flow and velocity. For example, the color can be coded to determine the velocity and flow of the blood.

What Else You Need to Know

Even though the ultrasound is a relatively safe procedure, it is still recommended to keep a minimum exposure. There is still a possibility that the ultrasound can cause a negative biological impact on the body. It is why the FDA strictly regulates minimal usage of the ultrasound devices, especially for pregnant women. Therefore, the use of ultrasound should only be for medical and diagnostic purposes.

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