How Much Does a COBRA Health Insurance Cost?

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) is a program that enables an employee to continue the coverage in case of being unemployed. The COBRA health insurance cost will be shouldered by the policyholder at his or her own expense to retain the … Read more

How Much Does a Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost?

The cochlear implant refers to a surgical procedure of embedding an electric device in the ear to improve the hearing capabilities of a patient. The device stimulates the cochlear nerves and helps the brain to identify sounds. The electric device is divided into two … Read more

How Much Does a NeoGraft Hair Transplant Cost?

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How Much Do Crutches Cost?

If you have recently been in an accident or have just undergone surgery, you’ve probably been issued crutches to support the movement and to help you get from one place to another. And whether it’s lifelong or needed for only a short while, it is … Read more

How Much Does a Retainer Cost?

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How Much Does a Tonsillectomy Cost?

In the United States, one in every 15 adults suffers from sleep apnea. At the onset, sleep apnea seems like a trivial inconvenience. However, any health professional knows that it contributes to severe physical stress and anxiety. Among the damaging effects of sleep apnea … Read more

How Much Does a Labiaplasty Surgery Cost?

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How Much Does a Long Term Care Insurance Cost?

Preparing for old age is a wise move every person should consider. No matter how strong you are in your youth, you may suffer some conditions that may require care as you age. The said healthcare, of course, will cost you some money. And … Read more

How Much Does a Life Insurance Policy Cost?

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How Much Does an IUD Cost Without Insurance?

Birth control is a form of protection against unplanned pregnancy. It would also help in spacing your children and family planning. Among the birth control methods, IUD or the intrauterine device is said to have the best effectivity with a failure rate of less … Read more